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Dog Walking FAQS


All prospective clients have questions which they ask us, and to fast forward things, here are a list of FAQS which we have previously been asked.


Q: Do you do individual walks?
A:We do walk individual dogs on a one to one basis, or if you have more than one dog and they are used to being walked together, then they can go out together on their own.

Q: Can I tell you what time I want my dog walked?
A: We try and accommodate people’s wishes regarding times, but sometimes there are delays due to traffic or an unforeseen circumstance with a previous clients.

Q: Can I tell you how long I want my dog walked for?
A: We tailor make the times of walks for the client, although we have set prices for 40 minute, and 60 minute walk. If you are interested in walks which are shorter, or longer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: Where will you walk my dog?
A: We walk dogs around a variety of areas including parks and Epping Forest.  If your dog has a favourite walk around your area, we are happy to walk him/her there. We also do pavement walking where your dog can be introduced to cars, lorries, tractors, pushchairs and a variety of people whilst out. Wherever we take your dog, we will always make sure it is in a safe environment and somewhere interesting for your dog.

Q: My dog is scared/nervous around other dogs, will you still walk him/her?
A: We will walk scared or nervous dogs under the understanding from the owner that they will provide the adequate equipment (leads, collars, muzzles etc) to keep both the walker, your dog, and other dogs safe.

Q: Should I be home when you collect my dog for a walk?
A:We are insured for key handling. Most of our clients have given us keys for their properties so even if they are at work, ill, or have gone shopping, they have peace of mind that their dog will still be walked. Keys are tagged and stored in a key box under lock and key. This is optional and completely down to the individual client.

Q: Do you work on holidays?
A: We do work on holidays including Bank Holidays, over the Christmas and New Year period. We DO NOT charge extra over these periods.
Q: I only want one off walks, is this okay?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you all insured?
A: Yes

Q: Will I be charged for cancelling your services at short notice?
A:We do charge cancellation fees if it is at short notice.

Q: How do I pay for my walks?
A: Cheque or cash or bank transfer

Q: What happens in terrible weather if it begins half way through walking my dogs?

A: We use our own judgement on whether to cut your dog’s walk short due to weather conditions such as torrential rain/flooding, blizzards/heavy snow and ice etc. Dogs would then be bought home, towel dried and the remainder of the walking time will be spent inside playing with toys with us. Clients are to provide the drying towel.


If you have any questions which we have not already answered, please give us a call on: 

Pet Sitting FAQS

Q: How many pop-in visits do you advise?
A: We advise that all animals should have at least two pop-in visits daily. This is to ensure that your animals have a constant fresh supply of water, keep to their daily routine of being fed and let into the garden so you do not come home to any accidents.

Q: How long are pop-ins? 
A: We offer 30 minute, but we will be guided by the client, so if you feel they need more time, then we are happy to provide this.

Q: If my animal needs to have medication, can you administer it?
A: Yes for basic medication. If you require this, we will need you to complete a medication permission form, which is to include details of how you administer this medicine and dosage etc.

Q: If I am late coming home on my holiday, will you still care for my animals? 
A: Yes we will continue with the service that you have requested up until the time that we have received a call, email, or text message from you to tell us you have returned home and that you no longer need our services on that occasion. Once this has happened, we will arrange a time and date to give the key back to you, and this is when you will sign the key realise form to confirm you have received them from our company. If you have arrived home from your holiday, but have not informed us then our services will resume and these services are still chargeable at our normal fees.

Q: Which sort of animals are you prepared to look after?
A: We are prepared to look after small furry animals Rabbits, Hamsters etc. We have had many years of experience with animals .

If you have any questions which we have not already answered, please give us a call on:  

Tel : 0740 259 1103

Tel : 0740 259 1103

The Small Print - Terms and Conditions

Please read through our conditions before asking us to walk / work with your dog.


1) The owner is in charge of keeping all medical issues up to date, and of allerting us to any issues specific to your dog (eg. allergies, diabetes etc). Whilst we are walking your dog s/he must also be wearing an identification tag on their collar, which is a legal requirement in the UK.

2) In the case of an accident or emergency we will contact the owner as soon as possible. If we fail to get in touch with the details given to us, we will seek veterinary attention ourselves. The owner will then be responsible for any bills that follow.

3) It is also the owners' responsibility to alert us to any issues a dog may have, behaviourally or otherwise. These include aggression and fear issues (eg. with other dogs, runners, bikes etc), behaviours such as livestock chasing, or guarding treats / toys from other dogs or people. Please note that any dogs with serious aggression issues with other dogs must be muzzled when walked.

4) Dogs will only be permitted to be walked off-lead if we have been told they will come when called, and we will need written consent that this is the case.

5) We will not: Shout, hit, or in any way punish a dog. Alpha roll, scruff or in any way apply dominance theory to a dog. Use choke chains, shock collars or prong collars. Allow a dog off-lead if s/he has proven to be untrustworthy around distractions. Instead we will use a long-line to allow them freedom whilst also keeping them safe.

6) In the case of extreme weather conditions, e.g. blinding rain, ice, fog or snow, or pet injury/ illness, we will not walk. However if possible, we would try to make arrangements so the dog will be given time outside to relieve him/herself and then the rest of the visit will be spent inside with owner-approved activities.

7) Owners must give a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel any appointments or the full amount will be collected.


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